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Overview of datasets and questionnaires

The Freshwater Metadatabase collects dataset-describing characteristics including e.g. information about the data provider, the related intellectual property issues as well as characterising parameters like regional coverage, spatial extend, organism groups addressed or information about environmental and climate related parameters.
Below you will find a list of available datasets.

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contributed throughsf titledataset codedataset nameecosystem typelast updatedrelease status downloaddata links
amazonfish projectamazonfishAF_3Checklist of the freshwater fishes of Colombiageneral freshwater2018-05-04  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF10AMPHORArivers, lakes, wetlands2016-11-16  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF11AQEM/STAR invertebrate databaserivers2016-06-21  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF12Database on Biological and Ecological Traits on the Flora of Germany2016-03-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF14European Diatom Database lakes2011-11-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF15EFI+ databaserivers2016-08-12  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF16European Mountain Lake Databaselakes2011-07-04  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF17Fish Database of European Streamsrivers2011-09-13  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF20freshwaterecology.info2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF21Joint Danube Survey 2001, 2007rivers2014-09-18  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF25Palaeo Meta-databaselakes2013-02-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF27Shelled Gastropoda of Western Europe 2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF3Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessmentgeneral freshwater2014-08-26  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF34Acid Waters Monitoring Networkrivers, lakes2011-07-04  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF37Macroinvertebrate Data BOKUrivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF38ECOSTRIMED databaserivers2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF39EuMon database on Biodiversity Monitoring Schemes rivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2014-10-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF4FishBaserivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2017-07-11  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF42Müggelsee, Stechlin See, Spreerivers, lakes2014-09-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF43GUADALMED databaserivers2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF47Long-term time-series metadatabaserivers, lakes2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF48MaPHYTE databaserivers2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF49Mediterranean freshwater invertebratesrivers2013-11-19  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF53Norfok Data setlakes2011-09-01  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF57RIVA-HABEX databasewetlands2014-04-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF59Catalan Water Agency-SIX databaserivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2012-05-23  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF6IUCN Species Information Servicerivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF61WISER river database (WP5.1)rivers2012-08-01  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF65Proasellus distributional data basegroundwater, general freshwater2011-05-16  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF67FishBase occurrence datarivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF69Fonixrivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF70European catchment data base on freshwater biodiversityrivers2011-09-15  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF71Mediterranean Iberian Trichoptera databaserivers2016-12-12  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF72GLOBAL SCALE ANALYSISwetlands, general freshwater2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF73European Groundwater Crustacea Databasegroundwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF75BioMatrixgeneral freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF76BioFresh Pond Datageneral freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF8Fish-SPRICH: a database of freshwater fish species richness throughout the Worldrivers2013-03-28  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_10German Dragonfly Atlas - Verbreitungsatlas der Libellen Deutschlandsgeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_100Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC)rivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_101Lake Winnipeg Basin Information Networkrivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2014-10-17  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_103Freshwater Biodata Information System (FBIS)2014-03-25  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_105Bolivian Amazon lowland fish metacommunity datarivers, lakes2015-12-17  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_106Freshwater Fishes of Russia and Adjacent Countriesgeneral freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_107 Freshwater Fishes of Bulgariageneral freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_108Global subterranean fishesgroundwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_11Fish Atlas for Germany and Austria - Digitaler Fischartenatlas von D und Ageneral freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_12Freshwater Fishes of Colombiarivers2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_13PanTHERIA2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_14Flemish sport fisheries datarivers, lakes2012-11-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_15Fish in lakes Intercalibration dataset Francelakes2013-05-16  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_16Friedrich Hustedt Diatom Study Centrerivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_17Catalogue of Diatom Names2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_18World Lake Databaselakes2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_2Agricultural Streams in Finland and Francerivers2014-10-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_20Taxa Watermanagement the Netherlandsgeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_21Fauna Ibericageneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_22Benthos database of the French Office for the Insects and their Environmentgeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_23Australian Faunal Directorygeneral freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_24Swiss Cartographic Centre on Fauna - Species listsgeneral freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_25FaunaItalia - Checklist of the species of the Italian faunageneral freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_26Global Runoff Data Baserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_27Ephemeroptera of the World2014-10-16  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_28Checklist and distribution of the Italian faunarivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_3Duero River Basin Diatom Databaserivers2013-04-10  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_31Central Baltic GIG Lakes Phytoplankton data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_32Northern GIG Lakes Phytoplankton data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_35Central Baltic GIG Lakes Macrophytes data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_36Northern GIG Lakes Macrophytes data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_4Australian Streamsrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_42Northern GIG Lakes Macoinvertebrates acidification data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_43Northern GIG Lakes Macoinvertebrates eutrophication data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_50Northern GIG Rivers Macoinvertebrates acidification data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_52Natura 2000 data - the European network of protected sitesrivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_53Freshwater Fishes of Irangeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_54Fishes of Canada: Annotated Checklistgeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_55OdonataCentralgeneral freshwater2011-12-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_56Critical Site Network Toolwetlands2012-11-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_57EMYSystem World Turtle Databasegeneral freshwater2012-11-15  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_58AlgaTerra Information Systemgeneral freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_59Limnological catalogue of Mongolian Lakeslakes2011-10-26  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_6Elbe Monitoring 2006rivers2013-04-18  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_60Fish database for Eastern Germany from IFB-Potsdamrivers, lakes2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_61GLEON Lakebaselakes2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_62GLEON Vega2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_64Global Population Dynamics Database2013-01-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_66Animal Ageing and Longevity Database2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_67Biological Records Centergeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_68Online Biodiversity Data Portal2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_69FaunAfririvers, lakes, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_7Swedish lakes and Streams databaserivers, lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_70Plankton netrivers, lakes, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_71Diatoms and Other Algae: The ANSP Algae Image Databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_72Freshwater Ascomycetes Database2012-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_73Diatom and Non-diatom (Soft-algae) Taxa Namesgeneral freshwater2012-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_79Rotifera of Chihuahuan Desert Waterslakes, general freshwater2012-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_8Lake Vortsjarv hydrochemical and hydrobiological monitoring databaselakes2015-02-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_81Biodiversity GISgeneral freshwater2013-07-10  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_82Hawaiian Freshwater Algal Database rivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_83AnimalBaserivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2012-11-13  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_84NatureServe Explorerrivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_87Monitoring data from the federal state Hesse (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_88Monitoring data from the federal state Bavaria (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_89Monitoring data from the federal state Berlin (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_90Monitoring data from the federal state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_91Monitoring data from the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_92Monitoring data from the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_93Monitoring data from the federal state Saxony (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_94Monitoring data from the federal state Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_95European hydrological predictions for the environment (E-HYPE)general freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_99EPA: Freshwater Biological Traits Database 2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF10European riparian ground beetlesrivers, wetlands2016-04-19  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF12Freshwater fishes of Serbia and Montenegrorivers, lakes, wetlands2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF13Freshwater fishes of the Western Balkansrivers, general freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF14MacroMED: Database on Macroinvertebrates of Mediterranean Climate Watercoursesrivers2013-04-29  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF15Ostracod Metadatabase of Environmental and Geographical Attributesrivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2016-05-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF20Fishes of Iranrivers, general freshwater2013-06-05  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF21Odonata Database of Africageneral freshwater2017-04-18  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF22Freshwater fishes Italyrivers, general freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF3Freshwater fishes of Greece rivers, lakes, wetlands2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF7Global Caridean Shrimp Faunarivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2016-04-14  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF8Freshwater fishes of Polandrivers, lakes, wetlands2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF9Distribution Atlas of European Trichopterarivers, lakes, wetlands2017-05-08  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_DIG2Stygofauna Mundigroundwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_1Limnodata (Sweden)rivers, lakes, wetlands2013-09-12  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_10University of Alberta Museums - Freshwater Invertebrate Collectiongeneral freshwater2013-07-04  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_11Environment Agency freshwater invertebrate single species familiesrivers2013-03-13  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_12Joint Nature Conservation Commitee - Scotland Otter Survey Databaserivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_13Joint Nature Conservation Committee - England Otter Survey Databaserivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_14Biological Records Centre - Database for the Atlas of Freshwater Fishesgeneral freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_15BRC - Caddisfly (Trichoptera) records from Britain and Ireland to 2012general freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_16Pond Conservation - pond survey data for Great Britain 1972-2007general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_17Irish Otter Datasetrivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_18TestWatwetlands2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_19Freshwater plants of Cameroongeneral freshwater2013-07-11  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_2Limnodata Neerlandicarivers, groundwater2014-01-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_20Insectos del orden Trichoptera de la Sierra Tarahumara, Chihuahua, Mexicogeneral freshwater2014-01-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_21Centre dEstudis Avancats de Blanes. Limnological Observatory of the Pyreneeslakes2013-07-17  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_22Distribution of Water Voles in Greater Manchestergeneral freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_23Countryside Council for Wales - Freshwater Site Visitsgeneral freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_24Scottish river macro-invertebrate records from 2007 collected by SEPArivers2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_25Littoral Macroinvertebrate data from Irish lakeslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_26Joint Nature Conservation Committee - Wales Otter Survey Databaserivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_27NBGRC - Nottinghamshire Water Vole Recordsgeneral freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_28Joint Nature Conservation Committee - Northern Ireland Otter Survey Databaserivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_29Rotifers of Macquarie Islandgeneral freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_3USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species databaserivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2013-03-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_4EPA River Biologists datarivers2013-03-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_5Ephemeroptera of Irelandrivers, lakes, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_6The Korean Freshwater Fishesgeneral freshwater2013-01-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_7Central Fisheries Board data on freshwater fish in Irish lakeslakes2013-05-23  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_8Finnish Entomological Database: Trichopterarivers, general freshwater2013-03-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_9SEPA River macroinvertebrate data for 2005/2006rivers2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_02-L-ANaardermeerlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_05-R-ADutch streamsrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_10-R-CAlNational Monitoring Austria (GZUEV) macro invertebrates, benthic algaerivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_12-L-CAEsthwaite Waterlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_14-L-NCAUK lake fishlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_15-L-NCASEPA Loch Invertebrate Surveyslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_16-L-NCAUK and Ireland Lake Phytoplanktonlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_17-LR-NCAECN lakes and river macroinvertebratesrivers, lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_18-R-NCADeep Rivers Database (Northern Ireland & Eire)rivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_20-L-NCAREBECCA macrophyteslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_21-R-NCARIVPACS databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_213-R-FR-MPFrench rivers - macrophyte databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_22-L-NCAScottish standing waters SCM macrophyteslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_226-R-DERestoration database UDErivers2015-12-01  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_23-L-NCAWindermere South basin lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_24-L-AlFIND Freshwater ItaliaN Databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_25-L-MAlLIMNO (Italian lakes)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_26-L-MAlISE-Diatoms (Italian lakes)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_31-L-MDSBEG-Reservoirs (Sardinia)lakes2013-09-12  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_32-L-CBDatabase of lakes of Estonian University of Life Scienceslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_38-L-CAlPhytoplankton German Lowland Lakeslakes2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_46-L-CJEZIORA (Polish lakes)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_48-L-CPhytoplankton Monitoring Data from Poland lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_50-L-BAMacrophytes in Danish lakes (Aarhus University)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_51-L-CGerman lowland lakes (WFD)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_53-LR-CFish catches in Danish lakes (Aarhus University)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_56-LR-NNIVA macrophytes HYMOlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_62-L-NCDALESlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_63-L-6REBECCA Lakes Macroinvertebrateslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_64-L-6REBECCA Lakes Phytoplanktonlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_65-R-NREBECCA Rivers Macroinvertebratesrivers2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_67-LR-NCBSwedish National database trend stations lakes lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_67-LR-NCBSwedish National database trend stations streamsrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_68-LR-NCBSwedish national survey of lakes and streams lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_68-LR-NCBSwedish National survey of lakes and streamsrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_70-L-NANS-Share database (Ireland & UK)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_72-L-NPlant macrofossils (UK)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_73-L-7LAKECORESlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_76-R-CAlUBA project database (Germany)rivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_77-LR-MAlLesma invertebrate databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_78-L-NCREBECCA Lakes fishlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_80-L-MCEDEX Phytoplanktonlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_83-L-CMFrench lakes - Phytoplankton databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_84-L-CMFrench lakes - Macrophyte databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_87-R-MRiversDB (Sardinia & Apulia)rivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_90-R-4French rivers - fish databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_91-R-4French rivers - invertebrate databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_92-L-CAAIFrench Lakes - fish databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_93-L-NSwedish Lakes - Macrophyteslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_97-L-NAquatic macrophytes in Finish regulated lakeslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_98-L-NLittoral benthic invertebrates in Finish regulated lakeslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_99-R-NNational Monitoring Austria (GZUEV) fishrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_HU_WP3.1Phytoplankton from Hungarian lakes (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
FAI_1Indian Ocean Islands - Historic Freshwater Aquatic Insect and Diatom Taxarivers, general freshwater2018-05-30  pdf  eml  
other data providerotherFWM_1Lake fish data: Switzerland, France, Italylakes2014-09-18  pdf  eml  
other data providerotherFWM_11Metadata of European Lake Fishes Datasetlakes2017-03-08  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
MoMoLogoMoMoFWM_14Kharaa Yeröö River Basin Water Quality Databaserivers, lakes, groundwater, general freshwater2018-08-20  pdf  eml  
other data providerotherFWM_18Capture data on Hunder brown trout (Salmo trutta) from Lake Mjøsa, Norway2018-04-17  pdf  eml  
other data providerotherFWM_2Hydrochemical database of inflows and outflow of Võrtsjärvrivers2017-05-08  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
other data providerotherFWM_7Life-history data on Hunder brown trout (Salmo trutta) from Lake Mjøsa, Norway2017-10-03  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
other data providerotherFWM_8Abiotic and biotic data of the rivers Pinka and Lafnitz 2012 - 2014rivers2017-03-08  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  eml
other data providerotherFWM_9Time series of plankton data from Lake Mjøsa, Norwaylakes2016-08-24  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_01Metadata: MARS multiple stressors and biological dataset of Drava & Mura Basinsrivers2017-08-03  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_02Vortsjarv catchment (Estonia)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_03Loimijoki catchment (Finland)rivers, general freshwater2017-03-02  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_04Lepsämänjoki catchment (Finland)rivers, groundwater2017-03-02  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_05Teuronjoki catchment (Finland)rivers, lakes2017-03-02  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_06Phytoplankton and other monitoring data from Lake Vansjølakes2016-04-21  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_07Otra catchment (Norway)rivers2016-10-17  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_08Pinios catchment (Greece)rivers, groundwater2014-11-18  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_09Beysehir catchment (Turkey)rivers, lakes, wetlands2016-04-19  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_10Sorraia catchment (Portugal)rivers, lakes2015-04-22  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_11Nervion catchment (Spain)rivers, wetlands, groundwater, coastalareas2015-04-16  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_12Metadata of the Danube Delta Databaserivers, lakes, wetlands, coastalareas2015-07-23  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_13Odense catchment (Denmark)rivers2017-03-02  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_14Biological and environmental database of the Ruhr catchment (Germany)rivers2016-04-19  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_15Phytoplankton in Middle Elbe catchment (Germany)rivers, lakes2016-04-27  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_17Regge & Dinkel catchment (The Netherlands)rivers, lakes2016-12-23  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_18Thames catchment (United Kingdom)rivers, lakes, groundwater2016-09-06  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_19Welsh catchments (Wales, UK)rivers2017-04-05  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_20MARS spatial databaserivers, lakes, groundwater, coastalareas2017-03-06  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_12Midden-Limburg Fish Ponds Surveylakes2017-10-11  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_13B-BLOOMS2lakes, general freshwater2018-03-27  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_19Flemish rivers phytoplanktonrivers2018-06-05  pdf  eml  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_2Integrated management tools for water bodies in agricultural landscapeslakes2017-10-11  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
SF_23BIOMAN-Belgium, biodiversity in shallow lakes in Belgium and the Netherlandslakes2018-08-17  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_3Physicochemical data of the Belgian River Meuse from 1972 to 2010rivers2018-06-29  pdf  eml  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_4Ecopotlakes2017-10-25  pdf  eml  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_6Fish data of the Belgian River Meuse from 1989 to 2012rivers2018-06-29  pdf  eml  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_7Macroinvertebrate data of the Belgian River Meuse from 1998 to 2011rivers2018-06-29  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_01Donau near Neuburgrivers, wetlands2014-06-01  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_02Amper Altwasserrivers, wetlands, general freshwater2014-06-01  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_03Main-Rodachrivers, wetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_04Altmuehl Schwarzachrivers, wetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_11Ruhr Monitoring near Arnsbergrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_12Restoration Ruhr Altes Feldrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_13Upper Rhine - Landscaperivers, wetlands2014-06-04  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_14Middle Elbe - Vegetationwetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_15Tiroler Achen - Vegetation Unitswetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_16Kuehkopf - Successional Studieswetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_17Passive restorations of mid-sized mountain riversrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_18Restoration measures Eifel-Rur arearivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_19Restoration measures in the Lahn riverrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_20Restoration measures in lowland riversrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_21Restoration measures in three rivers of the basement rocksrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_22Restoration measures in rivers of the cap rocksrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_23Restoration in the river Kinzigrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_24Floodplain restoration in the river Berkelrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_25Floodplain and river monitoringrivers, wetlands2016-06-21  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_31Fischerhuder Wuemmeniederungrivers, wetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_32ILLrivers, wetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_33Hase-Auerivers, wetlands2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_34Rastatter Rheinaue - Terrestrial Invertebrateswetlands2014-06-04  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_35Upper Rhine - Vegetation Unitswetlands2014-06-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_36Soellingen/Greffern - Terrestrial invertebrateswetlands2014-06-04  pdf  eml  
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