BioFresh project

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Freshwater Information Platform

A collaborative global freshwater biodiversity data hub

The aim of this data portal, which was started in the framework of the BioFresh project, and further developed under the Freshwater Information Platform, is to help scientists to advertise and publish their data(base) and to provide tools for the discovery, integration and analysis of open and freely accessible freshwater biodiversity data.

Advertise and/or publish your data on freshwater biodiversity

In build this freshwater data hub, we want to integrate a large amount of databases in the metadatabase and the occurrence database. We would appreciate your support by

  1. documenting your database in the metadatabase,
  2. submitting/publishing data or by
  3. producing a data paper.

Have a look here for more details.

Note on development status and plans for data portal

Please be aware that –with the exception of the metadatabase component– developments after 2014 have focussed on publishing and attracting new data, which have been published on our IPT installation and integrated in the GBIF network, while the database underlying this website has not been updated. So if you want to obtain data for your research either:

  1. Get the data for entire datasets from our IPT installation or
  2. Search the GBIF network for occurrences. Any published data should appear among the search results.

In collaboration with the Freshwater Biodiversity Observation Network (FWBON) we are currently considering options for setting up a lightweight solution for visualising and showcasing the published datasets.

Searching datasets, species and occurrences

The data portal offers searches for:

  • Information on datasets (metadata): search for datasets covering a specific environment, geographical area or organism group, or containing a specific keyword. – Go to the metadatabase pages
  • Information on species [Not recently updated–see above]: search species within an organism group, a particular genus or faunistic region and view synonyms, distribution information and conservation status. – Go to species search
  • Species occurrence data [Not recently updated–see above]: visualise and download species observations or specimens point data available through the GBIF and Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal/BioFresh network. – Go to occurrence search

Introduction to the data portal

Portal Statistics

Number of species : 91774
Number of accepted name species : 49006

Total occurrences : 16047940
  Observation type occurrences : 9663376
  Occurrences : 1167
  Specimens : 4371469
  Other type occurrences : 97011

Georeferenced occurrences : 13156607
Dated occurrences : 10815972
Georeferenced and dated occurrences : 9160800

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