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amazonfish projectamazonfishAF_3Checklist of the freshwater fishes of Colombiageneral freshwater2018-05-04  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF10AMPHORArivers, lakes, wetlands2016-11-16  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF11AQEM/STAR invertebrate databaserivers2016-06-21  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF12Database on Biological and Ecological Traits on the Flora of Germany2016-03-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF14European Diatom Database lakes2011-11-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF15EFI+ databaserivers2016-08-12  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF16European Mountain Lake Databaselakes2011-07-04  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF17Fish Database of European Streamsrivers2011-09-13  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF20freshwaterecology.info2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF21Joint Danube Survey 2001, 2007rivers2014-09-18  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF25Palaeo Meta-databaselakes2013-02-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF27Shelled Gastropoda of Western Europe 2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF3Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessmentgeneral freshwater2014-08-26  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF34Acid Waters Monitoring Networkrivers, lakes2011-07-04  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF37Macroinvertebrate Data BOKUrivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF38ECOSTRIMED databaserivers2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF39EuMon database on Biodiversity Monitoring Schemes rivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2014-10-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF4FishBaserivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2017-07-11  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF42Müggelsee, Stechlin See, Spreerivers, lakes2014-09-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF43GUADALMED databaserivers2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF47Long-term time-series metadatabaserivers, lakes2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF48MaPHYTE databaserivers2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF49Mediterranean freshwater invertebratesrivers2013-11-19  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF53Norfok Data setlakes2011-09-01  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF57RIVA-HABEX databasewetlands2014-04-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF59Catalan Water Agency-SIX databaserivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2012-05-23  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF6IUCN Species Information Servicerivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF61WISER river database (WP5.1)rivers2012-08-01  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF65Proasellus distributional data basegroundwater, general freshwater2011-05-16  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF67FishBase occurrence datarivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF69Fonixrivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF70European catchment data base on freshwater biodiversityrivers2011-09-15  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF71Mediterranean Iberian Trichoptera databaserivers2016-12-12  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF72GLOBAL SCALE ANALYSISwetlands, general freshwater2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF73European Groundwater Crustacea Databasegroundwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF75BioMatrixgeneral freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF76BioFresh Pond Datageneral freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF8Fish-SPRICH: a database of freshwater fish species richness throughout the Worldrivers2013-03-28  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_10German Dragonfly Atlas - Verbreitungsatlas der Libellen Deutschlandsgeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_100Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC)rivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_101Lake Winnipeg Basin Information Networkrivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2014-10-17  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_103Freshwater Biodata Information System (FBIS)2014-03-25  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_105Bolivian Amazon lowland fish metacommunity datarivers, lakes2015-12-17  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_106Freshwater Fishes of Russia and Adjacent Countriesgeneral freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_107 Freshwater Fishes of Bulgariageneral freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_108Global subterranean fishesgroundwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_11Fish Atlas for Germany and Austria - Digitaler Fischartenatlas von D und Ageneral freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_12Freshwater Fishes of Colombiarivers2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_13PanTHERIA2014-08-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_14Flemish sport fisheries datarivers, lakes2012-11-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_15Fish in lakes Intercalibration dataset Francelakes2013-05-16  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_16Friedrich Hustedt Diatom Study Centrerivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_17Catalogue of Diatom Names2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_18World Lake Databaselakes2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_2Agricultural Streams in Finland and Francerivers2014-10-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_20Taxa Watermanagement the Netherlandsgeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_21Fauna Ibericageneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_22Benthos database of the French Office for the Insects and their Environmentgeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_23Australian Faunal Directorygeneral freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_24Swiss Cartographic Centre on Fauna - Species listsgeneral freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_25FaunaItalia - Checklist of the species of the Italian faunageneral freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_26Global Runoff Data Baserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_27Ephemeroptera of the World2014-10-16  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_28Checklist and distribution of the Italian faunarivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_3Duero River Basin Diatom Databaserivers2013-04-10  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_31Central Baltic GIG Lakes Phytoplankton data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_32Northern GIG Lakes Phytoplankton data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_35Central Baltic GIG Lakes Macrophytes data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_36Northern GIG Lakes Macrophytes data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_4Australian Streamsrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_42Northern GIG Lakes Macoinvertebrates acidification data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_43Northern GIG Lakes Macoinvertebrates eutrophication data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_50Northern GIG Rivers Macoinvertebrates acidification data (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_52Natura 2000 data - the European network of protected sitesrivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_53Freshwater Fishes of Irangeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_54Fishes of Canada: Annotated Checklistgeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_55OdonataCentralgeneral freshwater2011-12-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_56Critical Site Network Toolwetlands2012-11-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_57EMYSystem World Turtle Databasegeneral freshwater2012-11-15  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_58AlgaTerra Information Systemgeneral freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_59Limnological catalogue of Mongolian Lakeslakes2011-10-26  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_6Elbe Monitoring 2006rivers2013-04-18  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_60Fish database for Eastern Germany from IFB-Potsdamrivers, lakes2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_61GLEON Lakebaselakes2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_62GLEON Vega2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_64Global Population Dynamics Database2013-01-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_66Animal Ageing and Longevity Database2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_67Biological Records Centergeneral freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_68Online Biodiversity Data Portal2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_69FaunAfririvers, lakes, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_7Swedish lakes and Streams databaserivers, lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_70Plankton netrivers, lakes, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_71Diatoms and Other Algae: The ANSP Algae Image Databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_72Freshwater Ascomycetes Database2012-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_73Diatom and Non-diatom (Soft-algae) Taxa Namesgeneral freshwater2012-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_79Rotifera of Chihuahuan Desert Waterslakes, general freshwater2012-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_8Lake Vortsjarv hydrochemical and hydrobiological monitoring databaselakes2015-02-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_81Biodiversity GISgeneral freshwater2013-07-10  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_82Hawaiian Freshwater Algal Database rivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_83AnimalBaserivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2012-11-13  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_84NatureServe Explorerrivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_87Monitoring data from the federal state Hesse (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_88Monitoring data from the federal state Bavaria (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_89Monitoring data from the federal state Berlin (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_90Monitoring data from the federal state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_91Monitoring data from the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_92Monitoring data from the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_93Monitoring data from the federal state Saxony (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_94Monitoring data from the federal state Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_95European hydrological predictions for the environment (E-HYPE)general freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBFE_99EPA: Freshwater Biological Traits Database 2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF10European riparian ground beetlesrivers, wetlands2016-04-19  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF12Freshwater fishes of Serbia and Montenegrorivers, lakes, wetlands2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF13Freshwater fishes of the Western Balkansrivers, general freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF14MacroMED: Database on Macroinvertebrates of Mediterranean Climate Watercoursesrivers2013-04-29  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF15Ostracod Metadatabase of Environmental and Geographical Attributesrivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2016-05-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF20Fishes of Iranrivers, general freshwater2013-06-05  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF21Odonata Database of Africageneral freshwater2017-04-18  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF22Freshwater fishes Italyrivers, general freshwater2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF3Freshwater fishes of Greece rivers, lakes, wetlands2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF7Global Caridean Shrimp Faunarivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, general freshwater2016-04-14  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF8Freshwater fishes of Polandrivers, lakes, wetlands2015-12-17  pdf  eml  eml
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_CF9Distribution Atlas of European Trichopterarivers, lakes, wetlands2017-05-08  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_DIG2Stygofauna Mundigroundwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_1Limnodata (Sweden)rivers, lakes, wetlands2013-09-12  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_10University of Alberta Museums - Freshwater Invertebrate Collectiongeneral freshwater2013-07-04  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_11Environment Agency freshwater invertebrate single species familiesrivers2013-03-13  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_12Joint Nature Conservation Commitee - Scotland Otter Survey Databaserivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_13Joint Nature Conservation Committee - England Otter Survey Databaserivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_14Biological Records Centre - Database for the Atlas of Freshwater Fishesgeneral freshwater2017-05-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_15BRC - Caddisfly (Trichoptera) records from Britain and Ireland to 2012general freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_16Pond Conservation - pond survey data for Great Britain 1972-2007general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_17Irish Otter Datasetrivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_18TestWatwetlands2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_19Freshwater plants of Cameroongeneral freshwater2013-07-11  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_2Limnodata Neerlandicarivers, groundwater2014-01-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_20Insectos del orden Trichoptera de la Sierra Tarahumara, Chihuahua, Mexicogeneral freshwater2014-01-09  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_21Centre dEstudis Avancats de Blanes. Limnological Observatory of the Pyreneeslakes2013-07-17  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_22Distribution of Water Voles in Greater Manchestergeneral freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_23Countryside Council for Wales - Freshwater Site Visitsgeneral freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_24Scottish river macro-invertebrate records from 2007 collected by SEPArivers2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_25Littoral Macroinvertebrate data from Irish lakeslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_26Joint Nature Conservation Committee - Wales Otter Survey Databaserivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_27NBGRC - Nottinghamshire Water Vole Recordsgeneral freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_28Joint Nature Conservation Committee - Northern Ireland Otter Survey Databaserivers, lakes, general freshwater2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_29Rotifers of Macquarie Islandgeneral freshwater2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_3USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species databaserivers, lakes, wetlands, general freshwater2013-03-08  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_4EPA River Biologists datarivers2013-03-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_5Ephemeroptera of Irelandrivers, lakes, general freshwater2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_6The Korean Freshwater Fishesgeneral freshwater2013-01-22  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_7Central Fisheries Board data on freshwater fish in Irish lakeslakes2013-05-23  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_8Finnish Entomological Database: Trichopterarivers, general freshwater2013-03-28  pdf  eml  
BioFresh logoBioFreshBF_GBIF_9SEPA River macroinvertebrate data for 2005/2006rivers2014-03-20  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_02-L-ANaardermeerlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_05-R-ADutch streamsrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_10-R-CAlNational Monitoring Austria (GZUEV) macro invertebrates, benthic algaerivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_12-L-CAEsthwaite Waterlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_14-L-NCAUK lake fishlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_15-L-NCASEPA Loch Invertebrate Surveyslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_16-L-NCAUK and Ireland Lake Phytoplanktonlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_17-LR-NCAECN lakes and river macroinvertebratesrivers, lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_18-R-NCADeep Rivers Database (Northern Ireland & Eire)rivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_20-L-NCAREBECCA macrophyteslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_21-R-NCARIVPACS databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_213-R-FR-MPFrench rivers - macrophyte databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_22-L-NCAScottish standing waters SCM macrophyteslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_226-R-DERestoration database UDErivers2015-12-01  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_23-L-NCAWindermere South basin lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_24-L-AlFIND Freshwater ItaliaN Databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_25-L-MAlLIMNO (Italian lakes)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_26-L-MAlISE-Diatoms (Italian lakes)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_31-L-MDSBEG-Reservoirs (Sardinia)lakes2013-09-12  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_32-L-CBDatabase of lakes of Estonian University of Life Scienceslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_38-L-CAlPhytoplankton German Lowland Lakeslakes2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_46-L-CJEZIORA (Polish lakes)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_48-L-CPhytoplankton Monitoring Data from Poland lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_50-L-BAMacrophytes in Danish lakes (Aarhus University)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_51-L-CGerman lowland lakes (WFD)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_53-LR-CFish catches in Danish lakes (Aarhus University)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_56-LR-NNIVA macrophytes HYMOlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_62-L-NCDALESlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_63-L-6REBECCA Lakes Macroinvertebrateslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_64-L-6REBECCA Lakes Phytoplanktonlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_65-R-NREBECCA Rivers Macroinvertebratesrivers2013-11-14  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_67-LR-NCBSwedish National database trend stations lakes lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_67-LR-NCBSwedish National database trend stations streamsrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_68-LR-NCBSwedish national survey of lakes and streams lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_68-LR-NCBSwedish National survey of lakes and streamsrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_70-L-NANS-Share database (Ireland & UK)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_72-L-NPlant macrofossils (UK)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_73-L-7LAKECORESlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_76-R-CAlUBA project database (Germany)rivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_77-LR-MAlLesma invertebrate databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_78-L-NCREBECCA Lakes fishlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_80-L-MCEDEX Phytoplanktonlakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_83-L-CMFrench lakes - Phytoplankton databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_84-L-CMFrench lakes - Macrophyte databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_87-R-MRiversDB (Sardinia & Apulia)rivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_90-R-4French rivers - fish databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_91-R-4French rivers - invertebrate databaserivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_92-L-CAAIFrench Lakes - fish databaselakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_93-L-NSwedish Lakes - Macrophyteslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_97-L-NAquatic macrophytes in Finish regulated lakeslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_98-L-NLittoral benthic invertebrates in Finish regulated lakeslakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_99-R-NNational Monitoring Austria (GZUEV) fishrivers2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
Wiser logoWiserBF_W_HU_WP3.1Phytoplankton from Hungarian lakes (WFD Intercalibration)lakes2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
other data providerotherFWM_1Lake fish data: Switzerland, France, Italylakes2014-09-18  pdf  eml  
other data providerotherFWM_11Metadata of European Lake Fishes Datasetlakes2017-03-08  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
other data providerotherFWM_18Capture data on Hunder brown trout (Salmo trutta) from Lake Mjøsa, Norway2018-04-17  pdf  eml  
other data providerotherFWM_2Hydrochemical database of inflows and outflow of Võrtsjärvrivers2017-05-08  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
other data providerotherFWM_7Life-history data on Hunder brown trout (Salmo trutta) from Lake Mjøsa, Norway2017-10-03  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
other data providerotherFWM_8Abiotic and biotic data of the rivers Pinka and Lafnitz 2012 - 2014rivers2017-03-08  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  eml
other data providerotherFWM_9Time series of plankton data from Lake Mjøsa, Norwaylakes2016-08-24  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_01Metadata: MARS multiple stressors and biological dataset of Drava & Mura Basinsrivers2017-08-03  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_02Vortsjarv catchment (Estonia)rivers2015-12-17  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_03Loimijoki catchment (Finland)rivers, general freshwater2017-03-02  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_04Lepsämänjoki catchment (Finland)rivers, groundwater2017-03-02  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_05Teuronjoki catchment (Finland)rivers, lakes2017-03-02  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_06Phytoplankton and other monitoring data from Lake Vansjølakes2016-04-21  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_07Otra catchment (Norway)rivers2016-10-17  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_08Pinios catchment (Greece)rivers, groundwater2014-11-18  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_09Beysehir catchment (Turkey)rivers, lakes, wetlands2016-04-19  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_10Sorraia catchment (Portugal)rivers, lakes2015-04-22  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_11Nervion catchment (Spain)rivers, wetlands, groundwater, coastalareas2015-04-16  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_12Metadata of the Danube Delta Databaserivers, lakes, wetlands, coastalareas2015-07-23  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_13Odense catchment (Denmark)rivers2017-03-02  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_14Biological and environmental database of the Ruhr catchment (Germany)rivers2016-04-19  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_15Phytoplankton in Middle Elbe catchment (Germany)rivers, lakes2016-04-27  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_17Regge & Dinkel catchment (The Netherlands)rivers, lakes2016-12-23  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
mars logoMarsMARS_18Thames catchment (United Kingdom)rivers, lakes, groundwater2016-09-06  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_19Welsh catchments (Wales, UK)rivers2017-04-05  pdf  eml  
mars logoMarsMARS_20MARS spatial databaserivers, lakes, groundwater, coastalareas2017-03-06  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_12Midden-Limburg Fish Ponds Surveylakes2017-10-11  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_13B-BLOOMS2lakes, general freshwater2018-03-27  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
Safred projectSAFREDSF_2Integrated management tools for water bodies in agricultural landscapeslakes2017-10-11  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_01Donau near Neuburgrivers, wetlands2014-06-01  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_02Amper Altwasserrivers, wetlands, general freshwater2014-06-01  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_03Main-Rodachrivers, wetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_04Altmuehl Schwarzachrivers, wetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_11Ruhr Monitoring near Arnsbergrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_12Restoration Ruhr Altes Feldrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_13Upper Rhine - Landscaperivers, wetlands2014-06-04  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_14Middle Elbe - Vegetationwetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_15Tiroler Achen - Vegetation Unitswetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_16Kuehkopf - Successional Studieswetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_17Passive restorations of mid-sized mountain riversrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_18Restoration measures Eifel-Rur arearivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_19Restoration measures in the Lahn riverrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_20Restoration measures in lowland riversrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_21Restoration measures in three rivers of the basement rocksrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_22Restoration measures in rivers of the cap rocksrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_23Restoration in the river Kinzigrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_24Floodplain restoration in the river Berkelrivers, wetlands2015-11-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_25Floodplain and river monitoringrivers, wetlands2016-06-21  pdf  eml  fmj pdf  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_31Fischerhuder Wuemmeniederungrivers, wetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_32ILLrivers, wetlands2014-06-26  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_33Hase-Auerivers, wetlands2014-08-21  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_34Rastatter Rheinaue - Terrestrial Invertebrateswetlands2014-06-04  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_35Upper Rhine - Vegetation Unitswetlands2014-06-27  pdf  eml  
UFOPLAN 2013 LogoUFOPLAN 2013UFO_36Soellingen/Greffern - Terrestrial invertebrateswetlands2014-06-04  pdf  eml  
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