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The aim of the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal is to integrate and provide open and free access to freshwater biodiversity data from all possible sources. To this end, we offer tools and support for scientists interested in documenting/advertising their dataset in the Freshwater Metadatabase, in submitting or publishing their primary biodiversity data (i.e. species occurrence records) or having their dataset linked to the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal. This information portal serves as a data discovery tool, and allows scientists and managers to complement, integrate, and analyse distribution data to elucidate patterns in freshwater biodiversity. Visit the BioFresh website for more information on the the BioFresh project or the Freshwater Information Platform for information on current activities.

Help us to build a global hub for freshwater biodiversity data

Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal is constantly searching for freshwater biodiversity databases for both completing its metadatabase and for publishing the data on its data portal.
We invite scientists, NGOs and other persons/institutions to help to reach our goals by making their data available through the data portal. We believe that publishing your data through the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal will create high visibility for your dataset. In addition we will offer full acknowledgements on the portal and provide clear citation guidelines for users consulting your data.

What can you contribute?

There is a wide range of input we are looking for. Consider the options below on how you can contribute to the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal:

Don’t hesitate to contact us at to explain which dataset(s) you hold and how you would like to make them visible/available through the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal. Please refer to the description below for more details on each of these options.

Submit and publish metadata

Why would you contribute to the Freshwater Metadatabase? Documenting data via the Freshwater Metadatabase creates high visibility of your dataset as scientists and the interested public can discover datasets for analysis and for starting collaborations.

The procedure for submitting metadata is explained here:

Tutorial: Contributing to the BioFresh Metadatabase from BioFresh Oxford on Vimeo.

If you are interested to become a metadata provider, we would appreciate to learn a few details about the database(s) you hold. If you send us an email at with the database title and a brief description of your database, we will create an entry in our Freshwater Metadatabase and provide login-details and instructions for completing the metadatabase questionnaire. This login and password can be used at the questionnaire page. Please feel free to have a look at the current metadatabase entries for some examples.

Once the questionnaire is filled, you can easily – i.e. by one mouse click – publish this data in the Freshwater Metadata Journal (FMJ). The metadata publication will get a DOI and openly accessible.

Submit/publish data

Why would you submit data to to the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal? By publishing primary biodiversity data used in a scientific paper, the data becomes part of the global database on biodiversity from both the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal/BioFresh and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). The data and the associated paper become visible by searching occurrence data and associated metadata. More details on why and how to submit data are outlined on this page.

Data paper

Why would you want to produce a data paper? By producing a data paper, your database can be unambiguously cited and citations can be tracked. Jointly producing a data paper can be a means to convince contributors/data providers of compiled datasets to release the database or the primary biodiversity data contained in it. Moreover, a data paper offers the possibility to enrich the metadata e.g. by providing details on how the database was constructed, which difficulties were faced, what suggested uses the data could have,...

What options are there for producing a data paper? The easiest way to do so is to produce a (meta)data paper from the Freshwater Metadata Journal (FMJ) as described above. We offer support for the production of freshwater biodiversity related data papers and for hosting the data described in the paper. The options for processing data are the same as for the previous option. Please see the submit data page for more info and don’t hesitate to contact us at for more info.

Other possible outlets for a data paper include ESA Ecological archive, a wide range of journals from Pensoft Publishers (see data publishing guidelines) including the recently launched Biodiversity Data Journal and the REABIC journals focussing on invasive species.

Other options to contribute to the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal

If your database is already available on-line, you are interested to have your database archived or fully integrated,… please get in touch with us at to discuss the options to do so.