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Metadata to the Cladocera (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) occurrences from Western Maharashtra, India


Sameer M. Padhye, Roseline T. Thorat & Avinash I. Vanjare


This dataset provides species distribution information on Cladocera, which is an important group of freshwater zooplankton from the Western region of Maharashtra state, India. The collection was carried out at over 100 distinct localities from the year 2009 until 2016. Multiple samples were collected at some of the localities. Most of the samples were collected qualitatively using either a tow net or a hand net having a mesh of 150 micrometers based on the type of habitat (open water vs. littoral zone). The dataset includes species names along with the GIS data and waterbody type (pool, pond, water reservoir or river). A total of 52 species were found from 7 different families. Chydoridae was the most species-rich family with 28 species (Padhye & Dumont 2015, Padhye & Sousa 2020). One new endemic species - Moina hemanti Padhye & Dumont, 2014 - was newly described and another species - Magnospina siamensis (Sinev & Sanoamuang, 2007) - was reported for the first time from the Indian subcontinent (Padhye & Dumont 2014, Padhye & Sousa 2020). The endemic species was restricted to its type locality. Daphnia carinata was only observed in lateritic rock pools, while species like Latonopsis australis were also seen in hot water springs (Padhye & Kotov 2010, Padhye & Victor 2015, Kulkarni et al. 2019).


Zooplankton, Anomopoda, Ctenopoda, Chydoridae, Daphnia, Moina, Alona

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Padhye, S.M., Thorat, R.T. & Vanjare, A.I., 2020. Metadata to the Cladocera (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) occurrences from Western Maharashtra, India. Freshwater Metadata Journal 50: 1-6.

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