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Metadata to the MOSAIC database on monitoring of small waters for aquatic invertebrates and agrochemicals


Nanina Tron, Marlen Heinz & Stefan Lorenz


The MOSAIC database holds data collected by the Julius Kuehn Institute under its monitoring activities for the implementation of Germany's National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products. At this stage (May 2019), the database contains data on benthic macro-invertebrate community composition and concentrations of pesticides of currently 162 small lentic water bodies (<1 ha surface area) of North-East Germany. MOSAIC will be continuously updated with data from new sampling campaigns and future projects concerning the impacts of agriculture and agrochemicals on the ecological status of lentic and lotic small water bodies. Further sampling locations covering a wider geographical range will be included in future. Sampling locations are situated on or adjacent to agricultural fields and partly at reference sites, and sampling was performed using a multi-habitat-sampling method (invertebrates) and grab or passive sampling of water (pesticides). Taxa were identified to the most precise taxonomic level possible (species level whenever possible). Additionally, the database contains information on physico-chemical parameters, nutrients and agricultural management. The content of the MOSAIC database presents a unique resource on the biodiversity of Germany's small water bodies and its potential threat by agriculture. At the current stage, it focuses on lentic water bodies which are hot spots of biodiversity. MOSAIC allows extracting information on e.g. toxic pressure of agrochemicals, field crop impact or vegetated buffer strips on all major groups of benthic invertebrates. The access is currently available to JKI staff and collaborating researchers with future web-based open access possibilities planned.


farmland ponds, insect monitoring, invertebrate monitoring, kettle holes, pesticide monitoring, prairie potholes, species distribution, water quality

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Tron, N., Heinz, M. & Lorenz, S., 2019. Metadata to the MOSAIC database on monitoring of small waters for aquatic invertebrates and agrochemicals. Freshwater Metadata Journal 44: 1-7.

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