Physicochemical data of the Belgian River Meuse from 1972 to 2010

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12 March 2018
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Three sites, covering the Begium Meuse River had been homogeneously monitored for a longest period of time (1972-2010). Dissolved oxygen, water temperature, suspended matter, nitrates, ammonium, dissolved reactive phosphorus, chlorophyll-a and water discharge were measured by public institutions. For each site and each parameter, annual average values were calculated (mean, min and max).

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Latli Adrien, Service Public de Wallonie - DG03, RIWA-Maas, CIM-Meuse (2017). Physicochemical evolution of the Belgian River Meuse from 1972 to 2010


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Physico-chemical Long-term Meuse Global warming; rivers; Climate Indicators; Terrestrial Hydrosphere; Environment; Occurrence; Observation

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Latli Adrien, Service Public de Wallonie - DG03, RIWA-Maas, CIM-Meuse
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Geographic Coverage

Belgium, Meuse river

Bounding Coordinates South West [-90, -180], North East [90, -180]

Taxonomic Coverage

Physicochemistry data only

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1972-01-01 / 2010-01-01

Sampling Methods

specification of method(s) used for sampling and sorting: The IBGA methodology consist to sampled macroinvertebrate on various substrats : - 3 artificial substrats disposed at least 1 month in the river, - 3 different substrats along the bank (artificial, vegetal and mineral) - 1 sample in the channel by dredging or scubadiving.

Study Extent covered timeframe: year from 1998 to 2011 historical data: no palaeo data: yes season: summer temporal resolution/frequency of sampling: per year time series data: yes replicate samples: no number of samples: 91

Method step description:

  1. commonly used series of methods steps regarding fish (e.g. sampling, identification, data management)
  2. commonly used series of methods steps regarding macro-invertebrates (e.g. sampling, identification, data management)

Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers doi:10.13148/evwxv1
Meuse River physicochemical dataset