type of dataset

  • species distribution data: dataset holding species/taxa occurrence data (e.g. as coordinates or shape files)
  • species (taxonomic group) per site dataset including environmental information: dataset holding information on species/taxa distribution (mainly collected from sampling activities) with information on environmental/physico-chemical characteristics of the investigated sites
  • biological or ecological traits/information dataset: dataset holding general ecological and/or biological characteristics of different species/taxa (no occurrence data included)
  • species/taxa dataset (e.g. red list dataset): other type of datasets holding any kind of species/taxa list
  • environmental characteristics dataset: dataset holding solely environment related data (no species/taxa data included)
  • climatic information dataset: dataset holding solely climate related data (no species/taxa data included)
  • protected area dataset: dataset holding any information related to the characterisation of protected areas
  • museum collection data (historical data): dataset holding historical species/taxa data
  • palaeoecological dataset: dataset holding palaeoecological species/taxa data
  • data evaluation dataset ("results" dataset): dataset solely holding outputs resulting from species/taxa evaluations (e.g. metrics calculation)
  • data centre: data portal or data repository centralising data from several sources
  • others: please specify any other type of dataset in the provided "specify" field